Norman MacAfee: Cover drawing for the libretto of The Death of the Forest
a Poet's Opera by Norman MacAfee to Music of Charles Ives (2002), 
3.4" x 3.3", colored pencil. Copyright © 2002 by Norman MacAfee

Norman MacAfee made this drawing in April 2002 for the cover of the libretto of The Death of the Forest. It shows six-year-old Charles Ives (1874-1954), who would become America's first great composer, as he dreams the events of the opera. The Death of the Forest takes place during King Philip's War of 1675/6 in New England, which set the template for future wars between Europeans and Native Americans. Mary Rowlandson (1636-1711), who was taken hostage during the war, holds the book she wrote about her experiences, which became the first American best seller. On wings of golden eagles, the spirit of Metacomet (1640-1676), the Wampanoag sachem who almost defeated the English colonists, guards the forests of New England. 

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